School Council

Arunside’s Student Council aims to inspire our children to:

  • Represent the whole school by living our values and use them to shape our school – Responsibility
  • Building resilience, independence and the ability to take risks – Excellence
  • Developing, aspiring to achieve and be ready for the modern Britain – Ambition
  • Developing a sense of belonging but maintain their unique identity. – Positive contribution
  • To express their opinions and ideas with others – Learning powers

Arunside’s Student Council organisation:

  • Two delegates from each KS2 class
  • Two delegates from each KS1 class
  • Annual Student Council elections for a Chair, Deputy, Secretary and Chief (CDSC)
  • Regular meetings
  • Minutes will be recorded by the Secretary
  • Mrs Kalinka Coordinator
  • An agenda fed by the council is to be organised by the CDSC with the Coordinator support.

Our Student Council is built to encourage pupils to develop and experience:

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Debating and co-operating
  • Planning, organising, budgeting and monitoring small projects

At the beginning of the academic year, two new candidates from each class, will be elected so that different representatives have access to the same opportunities and experiences.

The Student Council will meet once a term. The Chair will disclose what will be discussed and the delegates will feedback ideas and suggestions.

The students discuss a wide range of topics, including financing, renovations, implementation of various activities, ecological needs, interaction with the PTA and many more. 

When necessary, a vote is held to make important decisions. The secretary will record the meeting’s minutes and these are displayed on the Student’s Council board.

The main purpose of the Arunside Student Council is to provide an official channel for pupils to communicate their opinions, present their requirements and get a chance to contribute toward decisions regarding their education. So, often the delegates collect class ideas, raise a dialogue and share back the discussed results.

Since the academic year of 2022/23, our Student Council succeeded in:

  • Meeting regularly to discuss class views and issues.
  • Held the first Chair, Deputy and Secretary election.
  • Voted for a change of Logo and Designation.
  • Helped to decide which Ecological issues the school wanted the Eco Agents to focus on.
  • Solved the lost property problem by sorting, returning and clearing the corner on a rota basis.
  • Helped to sort out and distribute the wild flowers seeds donated to the school.
  • Engaged and participated with the Eco Day Events.
  • Meeting regularly with Mrs Hadden to create a child friendly version of our school’s Values.
  • Ran the PTA’s second-hand stall, to create awareness towards Arunside’s annual environmental focus of 2023 – one of the greatest threats to our ecosystem – Fast Fashion.
  • Ran a second stall at the summer fair to help raise money for Cancer research charity.
  • Organised and help to raise awareness with for Cancer Research.

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