Curriculum / Computing Subject Page

1. Intent

Our children will experience a rich and varied Computing curriculum, which provides cross-curricular learning.The children will learn about inspirational leaders in their fields, as well as engaging with developments in the future of these subjects. Through a carefully planned curriculum, which contains a clear progression of skills, children will be taught about and investigate the world around them. Using real life examples, children will develop skills which they can use and apply to solve problems and reason. Whilst working towards end goals, the children will be able to provide evidence and proof of their ideas and discoveries. Children will be increasingly able to choose and effectively use correct resources to match the task. Every child will understand how to work safely in lessons and online, identifying potential risks and how to overcome them. We will incorporate ‘Building Learning Power’ throughout our Computing curriculum to produce world-ready learners. Throughout their time at Arunside, we provide fun and engaging lessons which inspire the children and encourage awe and wonder.

2. Implementation

We will be introducing a scheme of work that maintains an up-to-date provision of a contemporary curriculum. This children’s lessons will be taught in units enabling the children to develop a depth to their understanding. Skills and topics are mapped across year groups to ensure coherent progression through the years. We have an IT suite equipped with a class set of laptops and a class set of iPads, there is also a trolley with an extra class set of laptops enabling all children the opportunity to access a range of devices. The curriculum covers the three main strands of computing: computer science, information technology and digital literacy. The children will encounter these three strands in every year. They will access a wide range of engaging computing units whilst at Arunside. Each year the children will learn new skills in coding, online safety and other aspects of digital literacy such as the use of data in spreadsheets. They will also experience units that involving image creation, using email, animation, game creation, blogging and video editing amongst many others. Each year group will have at least seven units across the whole year. This curriculum drives the children to build on previous learning as they progress through school. We also provide a Code Club for children in Year 5 and 6 to assist them in further expanding their curiosity and capabilities in coding.

3. Impact

Upon leaving Arunside, our children will be confident and competent users of technology. They will have a firm grasp on how to be safe and sensible online and they will have sturdy coding foundations that they will be ready to build on as they progress through secondary school and beyond. Our children will also be able to analyse, problem solve and think critically when completing tasks. They will also know how appropriately and successfully use technology to express themselves both creatively and digitally, be that using a camera, word processor or anything in between. Ultimately, our pupils will leave school world-ready and eagerly anticipating their next computational challenge.