Pastoral Team

Please take a look at the Arunside Pastoral Team Handbook as it details the extensive group of staff that enable us to offer children, staff and families the support they need. We are very fortunate to be in such a position, to which many other primary schools can only aspire:

The Arunside Pastoral Team Handbook 2022-23

Funding has recently been secured by West Sussex County Council for two popular courses to support children, young people, and their parents/carers to help them face mental health challenges during uncertain times. Further details are shown in the two flyers below:
H4219a Girls Net Flyer
Parenting Through Difficult Times Flyer
Information to support positive mental health can be found below:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy – March 2022



Updated LGBTQ-Parent-Leaflet-A4-2021

Healthy Eating

Recent research from Leeds University found that only one in five children had any vegetables or salad in their packed lunch. So as part of Veg Power’s mission to encourage the children of the UK to eat more veg, they would like to make it easier for parents and carers to add more veg to children’s lunchboxes. As such they have developed a ’60 Second Lunchbox Hacks’ PDF which features easy-to-implement ideas and serves to make this task as simple as possible. We hope parents and carers find the attached useful:

60-Second Vegtastic Lunchbox Hacks

A storybook about Coronavirus:

We thought that this booklet, produced by the NHS especially for children, may be helpful for those who have particular questions or concerns about coronavirus. We hope our families find it useful.

Coronavirus – A Book For Children – produced by the NHS

Another helpful resource available for families who may be supporting children with autism at home during the COVID-19 lock down has been put together by the social communication team at West Sussex. Please do feel free to share it with friends that might find it useful:

Working at Home with Autistic Pupils (WSX ASCT)

Elaine Catterall is our school counsellor and has offered the following advice on keeping mentally resilient as well as helpfully sign posting you to a number of organisations that offer tips and resources to parents and young people on a range of issues that families may face at any time:

Keeping Mentally Resilient by Elaine Catterall

Sign-posting Links

There are also a number of activities and tools suggested by Childline if you are looking for ways to feel calm in any given circumstance. Click here to see the Childline tools or watch Elaine’s videos below:

Five Minutes of Calm with Elaine

Elaine, our school counsellor invites you all to take some moments of calm. Please enjoy the following sessions that she has put together for you and your families:


Session 1: Hand breathing

Session 2: Belly Breathing

Session 3: Make a Calm Box

Session 4: Heart Smiling Breathing