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Year 6 -Ready To Move On!

It was our last week with Year 6!

So they lit the fire and prepped the food ready for cooking.

Around the fire or in their dens, everyone enjoyed a yummy hot-dog, with ketchup, spicy mayo and caramelised onions.

Many hours were spent making items from Paracord. It is always a favourite activity but Year 6 have got through several hundreds of metres of it over the last few weeks, look out for all their new key-rings and bracelets!

Elsewhere they chose to do Hapazome (leaf and petal printing), charcoal making, natural paint, mono-printing, whittling, putting up swings, building dens and forts, floor is lava, play and hammocks.

As always, we finished off with our traditional closing ceremony, discussing our favourite parts of Forest School and our new  life skills. The most important thing is  for our young people to realise that the character traits they have developed over the year are not exclusive to Forest School. They can take these skills into their new schools and lives as they move on in a few weeks time. We have had a wonderful time with the Year 6 and have seen them develop their resilience, independence, planning, teamwork and evaluation, we hope you can see this in them too. Good Luck Year 6, we will miss you!

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