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Where was Ms Murray???

Every session this week began with a hunt for the missing Ms Murray, only one group found her… can you spot her in this picture?

She had dug a hole, camouflaged with natural paint, covered herself with a tarp and leaf litter and then lay very still.  Many children nearly stood on her and one even poked her with a stick 🙂 

After all that excitement, some children started making a zip-line for our BLP characters which evolved into a zip-line for themselves.

Other fun was had with own made scavenger hunts, tree climbing, swing making, paracord bracelets and key-rings, natural paint and den building.

There was plenty of chilling in hammocks.

To bring a cheerful ending to the Year 4 sessions we had popcorn and hot chocolate around the fire and then finished off by putting it out and sharing our favourite parts from our time outside.

We are incredibly proud of how far the Year 4 children have come and would like to remind you all that the skills they now have are not exclusive to Arunside!  We hope you notice their improved resilience, independence, teamwork and communication skills as we have.

Anytime you head outdoors with your child please encourage them to show you what they can do.  A quick search for Forest School activities will  give you even more ideas! 

And so….the Adventure Continues!!

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