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Tool time at Forest School

One of the key principles of Forest School is to offer our learners the opportunity to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and to themselves. So our Year 6 began this week by using peelers and knives to whittle green sticks ready for marshmallow toasting.

This was followed by the opportunity to learn to safely use a Bow Saw to process green wood.

Many of the children then used the wood cookies they had cut to make medallions. They used palm drills to make holes, secateurs to cut Elder sticks to make beads and made natural paint to decorate them.

Some children chose to light the fire and we popped a tin of sticks on top to make some charcoal for drawing and painting with.

We also learnt some new knots for putting up shelters, made swings and dens and of course finished off with yummy marshmallows!

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