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Teamwork and Skill Sharing at Forest School

This week the Year 4 were challenged to whittle mushrooms using knives and secateurs. 

This is a difficult task, especially using the new ‘stop cut’, but they were very focused, safe with the tools, supportive of each other and all produced their own little mushrooms.

The teamwork continued with learning to use a safety tent called a Bothy,

and making our Jubilee bunting. This is a very mindful activity, great for fine motor skills and Mrs Jagger even came down and was taught how to do it.

One morning we had a large toad that needed rescuing and re-homing, he sparked much curiousity and research.

The rest of the time was spent with so many more examples of teamwork from zipline and swing sharing, to den building, quiet time together and amazing whole group story-disc stories.

And finally the Blue-Tit update, unfortunately we have lost 2 chicks, however the 5 surviving ones are growing feathers and going strong. Mum and Dad spend all day bringing food into the box so look out for them around the school!

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