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Springing back behind the Rainbow Fence

This week Year 4 got stuck into a Spring clean down at the Rainbow Fence with new signs, weeding the raspberries, planting strawberries, and hanging a new tyre swing.

Mrs Hadden overcame some of her fears today when we took her a Slow Worm that had been found on the field. After being shown to the children he was put back into a safe hiding place on the riverbank.

Every group re-capped the fire triangle and learnt how to lay an upside-down fire.

There was a little knot practice and a lot of den building, including 2 story properties and a large fort with a piano and drum kit!

The children really enjoyed being back at Forest School this week, using chalk and charcoal to make natural paint, climbing, swinging, tool work, hide and seek and playing with their classmates.

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