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Positive Pebbles

Year 6 finished many mallets and mug stands ready for sale next week.

We began by discussing our worries, as it is a challenging time for our Year 6 leavers. We went and found sharp, horrid stones, wrote our personal worries onto them and them launched them away into the River Arun. Everyone agreed that they felt better for getting rid of their worries.

Then we went and found pebbles that we liked, our Positive Pebbles. We discussed positive affirmations and if they wanted to share their thoughts they used the picture frame to let us know a variety of statements including “I am enough”, “I am a good listener”, “I am a good friend” and “I am brave”. They then popped their pebbles into their pockets to remind them whenever they have emotional wobbles that they can do this!

The majority of the rest of the time was spent making paracord bracelets, preparing mug stands and refining mallets ready for sale next week.

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