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Mud Slide in New Wood!

We would like to apologise for the mud some of your children brought home this week!

We had moved up to New Wood this week in anticipation of the impending flooding and without encouragement the majority of Year 1 and 2 chose to dive down the hill and experience the thrill of the evolving slide!

Year 2 also learnt about the fire triangle and then if they wanted to, used a Dragon’s Sneeze to light cotton wool in a scallop shell. This is quite challenging and takes considerable resilience.

Other activities they engaged in were sky-gazing, den building, bug hotel making, conker craft, drilling and flower making.

Obviously the flooding came overnight on Wednesday. The water levels are quite shocking to see but as the flood waters started to recede the children made best use of the huge puddles and splashed around/washed off a little!

Behind the Rainbow Fence has obviously been devastated again, only a year after the last flood, but as we encourage resilience and strength in the children, nature continues to regrow and together we will regenerate the area and make the best of what we have!

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