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Mindful Time at Forest School

As well as Risky play and developing Resilience we often focus on mindfulness and being at one with the natural surroundings.

One of the mindful activities we practice is Hand Breathing. This is where we focus on our controlling our breath while accepting any thoughts and letting them go. As we become more skilled at this the stress hormones are lowered, we become more relaxed and ready to take on whatever is ahead of us. It only takes one minute out of your day so ask your children to teach you how to do it!

The next focus was on knots. We built on the Clove Hitch from a few weeks ago and added lashing and frapping to enable the children to make mini tripods. The children then went on to build tripod dens for our Building Learning Power Buddies, with an amazing array of extras including kitchens, fire circles and even a pool!

The fire was lit again so we introduced Peelers and Knives to sharpen green wood sticks so they could toast marshmallows. Yum!

The children were so busy but they did find time to refine the Zip-Line as well as using the sharpened sticks as arrows!



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