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Messing around in the woods

Year 4 are honing their knot tying skills every week, with the children using them regularly to make dens and zip lines. Often with clear demonstrations of Teamwork.

The children love having fires and it’s very important they understand how to process the wood that they burn. So this week we offered them the opportunity to use the Bow Saw to saw lengths of wood, as well as using either a Mora Knife or Axe  and Mallet to split the lengths into kindling. These risk taking activities improve their motivation and independence, as well as their self-confidence.

The Andersen Shelter was a huge hit -particularly with the adults when some of the boys set up a restaurant!

The Zip-Line this week was a great success, every week the children make little adjustments to improve and refine it. It’s fast!

As usual there was plenty of other activity going on including tree climbing, photographing the signs of Spring and building a new wood store for all the lovely logs the children had processed.

And finally Mrs Yuille’s certificate came through. With all the disruption due to Covid it has taken longer than anticipated to get all the course completed, however, it is now official – Qualified to mess around in the woods!


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