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Look what we found this week at Forest School!

We made 2 amazing animal discoveries this week. Firstly we found a frog hidden in the leaf litter and then we uncovered an active mole hole on the field.

This week we learnt new knots to help with den building -the Timber Hitch and the Blood knot. The children then went on to use them in many different ways including a limbo line!

In order to give the children the confidence to feel safe around the fire we all learnt about the Fire Triangle. Please ask your children to explain it to you to help embed their knowledge.

The main focus was on lighting mini fires in scallop shells. Every child who elected to have a go achieved it, even if they did need to draw on their skills of Rosie Resilience! Mrs S. even had a go and felt the rush of success. 

Elsewhere there was crafting, sawing, drilling, swinging, den building, mindful hand breathing, chair making and slug and snail collecting.


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