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Incredible Worms

Reception came out to Forest School this week. Our focus for their time with us was Incredible Worms. Did you know there are 27 different types of worm? Or that there are roughly 3 million of them in our school field?

We explored the site and searched for woolen worms, comparing the longest and the shortest ones, then some of the children chose to make worm bracelets from Elder wood. To do this they used secateurs and palm drills, hollowing out the soft Elder centres and then threading onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets.

Many of them enjoyed crushing chalk and charcoal to make natural paint. They painted faces, trees, tyres and targets.

Elsewhere they built dens, put up multiple swings, played bows and arrows, demonstrated great teamwork, played in the mud kitchen, built assault courses and really got involved in everything on offer.

To help with the hot weather we all enjoyed the Forest School shower, a fun, simple but very effective set up!

Every group enjoyed some of Chloe’s magic Forest School Potion to help cool us down and a delicious biscuit.

We all had a great time and  we look forward to welcoming the children in Year One.

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