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Gnomes all over Forest School

Our focus for the next few weeks is whittling green wood. Today’s task was to make their very own Gnome. This started with processing the wood using a partner and a Bow Saw.

Then using either and Opinel knife or a Mora knife they whittled the end of their sticks to make a Gnome hat. Their focus, concentration and mindful involvement was very impressive and many of them sat for up to an hour until they were happy with their work.

Then the Gnomes needed cutting down to give them flat bottoms so the children used a Laplander to trim them to the right size.

Finally they were decorated and added to the Gnome Villages

Else where they hung out in the hammocks, tried bare foot walking, began the Forest School Jubilee bunting, built dens, played hide and seek, moved wood chips, made mud meals in the kitchen and many more fun things.

And finally….   the 7 Blue Tit chicks are all still going strong and are beginning to grow their feathers. Mum and Dad are working hard to keep them fed.




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