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Forest School Pizza

Fun in the sunshine with Year 6 this week.

After some mindful hand breathing the children lit the fire, they are now so skilled at this that it’s often done in only a few strikes. This was followed by some giant games of Hide and Seek.

In pairs they designed and made their own pizza wraps, before cooking them over the open fire and then enjoying their yummy creations.

Elsewhere, amongst other things, there was building, creating, climbing, den building, face painting, medallion making, Karaoke, mud kitchen action and plenty of role play going on.

There was also plenty of wood work going on all week, including mallet-making, mug stand creating, drilling, sawing, and whittling butter knives.

Because of the lovely sunny weather, even though we are almost entirely in the shade behind the Rainbow fence, the children put up some showers  to help them cool down.

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