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Final Fun in Forest School for Year 4.

This week was the culmination of all the skills and fun they have had over the year.

The children collected wood and then lay and lit the fire completely independently.

Some chose to whittle their own butter knives that they then buttered their fire cooked toast with! Everyone enjoyed a hot slice with some of Chloe’s homemade strawberry jam.

Over 200 tiny Bluebell bulbs were planted over the week. Fingers crossed they take, however, they wont flower until the Year 4 are back behind the Rainbow Fence in Year 6!

Elsewhere they had fun on the Slackline, up trees, in dens, on swings, in hammocks and using tools.

To finish off we shared a mug of hot chocolate and had our closing ceremony, each child pouring water onto the fire to put it out while telling everyone their favourite activity or best bit from the last 5 weeks. Our focus is to encourage the children to take their skills and love of nature away from Forest School, back into class and into the world.

This week there are 0 chicks in the box! They have fledged! Keep an eye out for 5 tiny Blue Tit chicks around school!

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