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Final Forest School Fun for Year 6

Food and Fun was what they asked for!

There’s a lot of pressure on our young people these days, so we began each session with some mindful hand breathing and writing down some of our worries, discussing them if they wanted to, and then throwing them away into the river Arun. We then flipped this and chose positive affirmations to write onto pebbles that we can keep in our pockets, to help us anytime we’re feeling wobbly. 

The rest of the time was spent doing whatever they wanted, so they did paracord bracelets and animals, swings, dens, mud kitchen play, pioneering, slack-lining, bug hunting, bow and arrow making, fire laying and lighting, sawing, medallion making and whittling butter knives.

They had asked for food on the fire, so this week we went with chocolate stuffed bananas -DELICIOUS!! What’s not to like??!

To finish off our lovely time together, the children put out the fire, whilst sharing their favourite memories of Forest School. 

We are incredibly proud of how the Year 6 children have excelled and would like to remind you that the skills they now have are not exclusive to Forest School, although they can all make their own Bug Hotel if you’re looking for a holiday project!  We hope you notice their improved resilience, independence, teamwork and communication skills as we have.

Anytime you head outdoors with your child please encourage them to show you what they can do.   

GOOD LUCK at secondary school!

And so….the Adventure Continues!!

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  1. Thank you Mrs Yuille’s for the amazing adventures in Forest School. I know Oisin will miss it.

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