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Conker Theft!

This week was all about using the new skills the Year 6 children have learnt over the last half term and having as much fun as possible. 

Many of them had another go at whittling and all those that tried, progressed onto using a knife to sharpen their sticks. Once they had done this many of them wanted to make a bow for their ‘arrows’, which led to a target being made and some quite serious competition!

Some chose to process some dry logs using a Bow Saw so that we could lay and light a fire.

Others made some amazing dens for our game of hide and seek.

Many had a go on the slack-line or played with the tyres.

And on Wednesday lots of children had a go at conkers and conker craft. Unfortunately, the Thursday group were unable to play conkers as our 2 HUGE bags of conkers (collected off site as he don’t have any Horse Chestnut trees in school) were stolen!!! We estimate around 300 conkers went missing….

Where did they go??? 

Well, we believe we will eventually have Horse Chestnut trees on site as the squirrels are getting the blame! We discovered many of the conkers in shallow holes all over the site! We decided we can’t really be angry with them as we are in their home and it was a bit like a free Deliveroo for them!

We finished off our sessions with a Hot Chocolate and mini marshmallows around the campfire and our closing ceremony where the children put out the fire whilst telling us their favourite things about Forest School.


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