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Breaking News…… Attendance

Dear Parents,

I wanted to make you aware of the latest attendance figures for school.  As of Friday 2nd November, it was 97.5% which is remarkably good and well ahead of the National Average of 96%.

Below is a reminder of our strategies for promoting attendance, the last two bullets being new developments we shall shortly trial.

  • Every week, classes receive points based on their overall attendance and cumulatively a league table develops over the term.
  • If a class is 100% they receive bonus points and an extra break time.
  • The winning class receive a certificate and trophy in the weekly celebration assembly
  • All children who achieve 100% attendance in a week are given an attendance sticker by the class teacher, these accumulate through the year with prizes and certificates awarded
  • All children with 100% attendance also receive a raffle ticket to be entered into a class prize draw.

    Rich Roberts

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