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Family Science Workshop Thursday 18th March 2021 6.00pm

As part of our celebration of British Science Week, I will be doing a special online Science Workshop on Thursday 18th March 2021 from 6.00pm to 6.45pm. This is open to the whole school. 
The Workshop will take place in Google Classroom – in a classroom called ‘Family Science’.
The Workshop is a family workshop – for children and adults to work together. 
Please note – the children need to work with an adult to carry out these experiments.
We will be carrying out 4 different experiments. 
If you would like to take part – you will need the following resources ready for our workshop:
  • a small packet of Skittles
  • 2 dinner plates (preferably white- but it doesn’t matter if not)
  • a jug of warm water
  • some milk – enough to cover the bottom of a plate
  • at least one small bottle of food colouring (you only need a few drops)
  • about a tablespoon of washing up liquid
  • a small stick or straw or a toothpick
  • a large glass of water (and a bowl underneath the water – just in case)
  • lots of coins (as many as you have at home)
  • a metal coat hanger (or a metal fork if you can’t find a coat hanger)
  • 2 pieces of string approximately 50cm each
If you would like to take part in this special Science Family Workshop – please send the following information to Miss Gallagher at by Friday 12th March 2021 – 
Your child’s name (if you have more than one child at Arunside – you only need to send me one child’s name to get the invitation to take part)
Your child’s class
Your child’s Google Classroom email address (which you have been using for home learning)
I will then set up the Family Classroom after the 12th March 2021 and you will be invited to join the class. 
If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Kind regards, 
Miss Gallagher

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