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Outdoor Learning in Lockdown

The children started the session with the site risk assessment and some fire safety, discussing the 3 elements in a fire triangle and therefore the 3 things we need to extinguish fire.

Then we all learnt to successfully use  a “Dragon’s Sneeze” (fire lighting flint)

The challenge was to build a team den that was both inviting and waterproof.

Ethan decided the way to the judges heart was a “cup of tea”!

The girls used several tarps with an envelope fold and a wall of tyres at one end. As well as a seating bench and kitchen.

They even included a fire pit and seats.

But despite the girls winning the most inviting den, unfortunately they weren’t waterproof!  

The boys were initially disappointed with their less attractive tripod A-frame den but they were waterproof!

Both teams were winners!! 

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