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Year 5 Homework

English homework – due Monday 16th December 2019

The children have been reading stories from 1001 Arabian Nights. They have then written their own chapter using ideas from the book.

Their homework task is to publish their story ready to read to their year 6 partner. They need to handwrite their story, add pictures and write a suitable title.

They have had time in class to write their story and edit with their year 6 partner. Their story needs to be A4 or smaller, as they will putting it into their topic books later on in the year.

They are allowed to make improvements to their original story – including extra sentences, checking spellings and correcting punctuation.

If you need any paper or would like to borrow any colouring pencils, please ask your class teacher.

Please do not use felt tip pens or highlighters.

The only other set homework this week is to learn your spellings.


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