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MATHS – Home Learning Week 4

For Maths, we will be using the White Rose Site which can be found with this link:

All learning for Week 4 can be found in the ‘Week 2’ drop down menu of the website. Each lesson is detailed in the home learning overview. For each lesson, there is a video to watch and a worksheet to have a go at. The work sheets can be found below. You do not need to print them. Read the question online and write the answers and any workings out in your home learning book. The answers can also be found below so the children can self-mark once they have completed it. 

Week 4 Maths Worksheets

Maths Monday W4

Maths Tuesday W4

Maths Wednesday W4

Maths Thursday W4

Maths Friday W4

Week 4 Maths Answers

Maths Mon W4 Answers

Maths Tues W4 Answers

Maths Wed W4 Answers

Maths Thurs W4 Answers

Maths Fri W4 Answers

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