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Building Learning Power

At school, we have been thinking about how we learn and which skills we use to help us.  You have probably heard about our Building Learning Power buddies from the children.  These characters help the children to understand what skills they are using in their learning and they help us to develop further skills, which in turn, help us to become more successful learners.

We would like the children to continue to think about their Building Learning Power skills when working at home. Children are always learning! We would like the children to think about what learning skills they have used when completing activities that are not included in their home learning pack. For example, completing  a jigsaw may require them to work independently (independent Izzy) or in a team with a sibling (Tommy Teamwork). 

Can the children fill in the grid below with different activities they complete for each learning skill? If you cannot print of the grid, just keep a record on the back green cover of your child’s home learning grid. 

BLP Record of Activities

Below are two information pages to give parents more information. The first one includes ideas of activities that could help the children show the different ‘building learning power’ skills.

Building Learning Power -information for parents

Metacognition characters for assembly

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