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It was Nesting Week at Forest School

We have been popping down behind the Rainbow Fence for the last couple of weeks, since the tree surgeons came in to make it safe, to get it ready for use again. The children have re-sited the fire circle, moved tons of wood chips, watered the flowers and enjoyed all the new logs to play with.

Back up in New Wood we had a focus on nests. We have been learning about a new bird every week so we decided to make ENORMOUS nests as well as tiny ones. To do this we needed green sticks to bend and weave. We are a little short of these in the new area, so we showed the children how to strip brambles with a sturdy pair of gloves. Amazingly this process completely removes all the prickles and leaves you with very strong Forest School string!

There has been a continued interest in the Fairy Housing, so this week we offered the opportunity to make their own doors from lollipop sticks. The children used secateurs and made natural paint from chalk, charcoal and turmeric to decorate them with.

Elsewhere there were more big tools used to make fairy furniture, a lot of clay creations, swings, den building, mud kitchen fun, and burying Bee Hotels.

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