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Celebrating our New Skills

We wanted to ensure our Year 2 were able to use all their new skills and ideas for their last session behind the Rainbow fence. So, we had our Building Learning Power Buddies, Tommy Teamwork, Izzy Independence, Connor Connections and Ellie Evaluate, come out to play.


Some of the children wanted to make crowns like Mrs Murray’s and Mrs Yuille’s, as well as make natural paint for walls and faces!

Just a few of the other things the children chose to do were tree climbing, balancing, building, obstacle course making, reading, fairy hunting, palm drilling, hide and seek, shelter building, a pop up cafe and Kings and Queens. It was fabulous to see them really communicating, working together with confidence, as well as being independent enough to climb a tree and just sit and read!

Mrs Murray had supported the children with lighting a fire in each session so later the children all whittled their own stick into a point and then toasted a marshmallow. We finished off with a hot chocolate and each person closed the session by pouring a cup of water onto the fire, telling everyone what they had learnt and enjoyed the most from our Outdoor Learning.

We are incredibly proud of how far the Year 2 children have come and would like to remind you all that the skills they now have are not exclusive to Arunside!  We hope you notice their improved resilience, independence, teamwork and communication skills as we do.

Anytime you head outdoors with your child please encourage them to show you what they can do.  A quick search for Forest School activities will  give you even more ideas! 

And so….the Adventure Begins!!



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