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Summer Week 5

Welcome back to another week of home learning, hopefully you won’t have to do many more weeks of learning at home however we just don’t know yet do we. Whatever happens you can be sure that Arunside School and the year 1 team will still be here to support you and provide you with all the necessary learning materials you need to give your child a good education wherever you may be. Enjoy 🙂

Home Learning SUMMER WEEK 5

May Phonics Calendar PowerPoint

Greater than _ less than poster

Monday – Continent of Oceania ppt

Monday – What could you use to measure ppt

Tuesday – Light or heavy ppt

Tuesday – Weight Challenge Cards

Tuesday – Alien real words ppt

Wednesday – Length Challenge Cards

Thursday – Cornflour Slime Awe and Wonder Science Activity

Friday – What can you do in a minute activity sheet

Extra – Talk for a minute

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