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Summer 2 Week 7 – Transition Week

We look forward to seeing many of you in school this week however if you need to some extra structure to your week or need something educational to entertain your children for the rest of the week we have provided a learning plan for this week with some lovely transition ideas and activities for you to complete at home. Transition is so important to young children as they need to have the opportunity to talk about the changes they are facing and how they are feeling. 

Home Learning SUMMER 2 WEEK 7

Summer 2 Week 7

Monday – A History of Cars

Tuesday – Phonopoly Game Board

Tuesday – Phonopoly Challenge and Chance Cards

Tuesday – Phonopoly Score Sheet

Tuesday – Phonopoly Certificate

Tuesday – The Wright Brothers

Wednesday – All About Me Poster

Wednesday – Space travel timeline

Wednesday – Space-information

Thursday – Apollo 11 Moon Landing

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