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Go Jetters Challenge PPT

We have been made aware by some parents that it is becoming more and more difficult to engage their children with the weekly learning.  We understand that this is a concern for you and we have tried to come up with an idea which we hope will capture their interest instead.  We have created our own Go Jetters challenge and presented it like the other Go Jetters activities.  In our challenge, we have suggested various play based tasks and followed more of the Early Years philosophy of learning through play.  Each slide on the powerpoint gives a different challenge and the educational areas which might be covered by doing that activity.  Again, you do not have to do any of this.  We devised it with those children in mind who are loathe to do school work at home, but who are happy to play and who we believe will be learning through that play.  You could read the activities as parents and use those ideas to gently steer your child’s play if they don’t want to follow our ideas directly.  Hopefully, by looking at our ideas, you will be able to see how many learning opportunities there are in play and then you will be able to stealthily encourage learning through whatever your child is playing!  Feel free to use or ignore any of it.

Go Jetter Challenge

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